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What the Electric Vehicle Association does in Wisconsin

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Live Events

We organize many free to attend events all around the state. At these events you can talk with actual EV owners and get your questions about ownership answered. 

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Part of the national nonprofit, the Electric Vehicle Association, the Wisconsin chapter is all about educating people about the benefits of driving electric. 

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Urban or rural, north or south, we are working to expand access to EVs, charging, and a community of EV advocates around the state. 



Whether you're conservative, liberal, or anywhere in between, we advocate for EV policies, at the state level, that are favorable to Electric Vehicles. 


A Community of EV Owners

Connect with other EV owners from around the state, learn what their experience has been like, and join them in the effort to help spread the word about the benefits of driving electric. 

More About the Road Trip
This one of a kind event is a fundraiser for the Wisconsin Chapter of the Electric Vehicle Association. While the funds generated during this event will help Wisconsin residents, the Road Trip is open to anyone; even if you're not from Wisconsin. We want something fun to participate in, something that helps us further our mission of educating people about EVs, and that helps us achieve some of our goals as a chapter. 
Some of What we Will do With the Funds Raised: 
  • Scholarships for Wisconsin Residents
    • Residents of the state who want to go to a trade school in order to learn how to work on EVs will receive these scholarships. ​Preference will be given to those who show a financial need, and the money can be used for any program in the country. 
  • Charging Equipment in Wisconsin  
    • Residents of the state, businesses, organizations or even police departments and school districts who have recently installed charging equipment in their garage, at their apartment complex, or at their location can apply for help offsetting the cost of level 1 or 2 charging equipment.
  • Free EV Car Shows
    • Many of our EV car shows are free to attend. However, we often advertise these events to the general public, sometimes have to pay for parking lot rentals, and many times these events are staffed with wonderful volunteers. Money from this fundraiser would help us buy supplies for volunteers, buy items for giveaways at events, and even book entertainment for some events.
  • ​More Ideas will be Discussed and Implemented by a Committee of Wisconsin EVA Chapter Members  ​
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